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Welcome to DE MONTFORT, the home of Web & Visual Design!

We are specialised in Web & Visual Design. Services we provide are bespoke and personal, hand crafted and individually sculpted around your needs, forming so an individual package for your business. We believe in style, expression, functionality, flexibility, affordability and uniqueness. The first impression our viewers experience is stepping into another world of feelings, colours, motivation and juiciness.
What do we offer?

Bespoke Website Design

Graphic Design

Print & Media Design

Industry Design

Photography and full Adobe-Edit

Podcast Production (incl. music production)

Art & Craft Solutions


All services are done in house! This means you can entrust us with your Website, Brochures, Presentations, Banners, Visual Merchandising, Interior Design and Branding and see it all being created on a virtual platform, live, comfortably from your office or home.

For how much? You can view our list of services and their estimated cost by clicking PRICES.

How? Everything you have ever known about web design companies, all of the experience, throw it away. It will be of no reference to you while working with us. We are organic, listen to your needs, aim to understand your business to achieve a good communication and creativity, leaving the techie jargon out.

We love showing you how the work is done and you are more than welcome to come in and to see the work grow live and interact! "Move this here, make this blue, bigger, smaller, turn around"...nothing is too much for us as long as you enjoy it!

To whom? All businesses are welcome; plumbers, contractors, care homes, nurseries, artists, singers, scientists...we take time to understand your trade and then work hard so you can say: "Yesss, I love it!" Our clients will not find us in mass advertisement, simply because we do not need it. Our best exposure is the client's recommendations and that alone keeps us busy enough!

Speaking of a recommendation, have a look at our
REVIEWS here and see what our clients think of our work. We love it when things come out right.

Do you feel like starting your project with us? Contact us today and relax! In the mean time enjoy our website...

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